About Us

We are developers with extensive knowledge of complex data. Digital CRE Ltd is a UK based company, established to build and support commercial solutions that collect and analyse sensor telemetry. From this data, we can determine the performance and wellbeing of the buildings and occupants. 

We are an organisation with comprehensive experience in machine learning, and our growing team are continually developing products for a wide range of IoT, Automation and Telecare applications. Our core tech company initiated life over a decade ago, developing sophisticated, high traffic software platforms and databases for numerous clients in the building and construction industry and various UK public sector organisations.

What We Do

Smart Design

We will produce a detailed proposal in financial, engineering and managerial terms.

Smart Construction

We’ll fit sensors, discreetly integrated into electrical systems of everyday elements.

Smart Monitoring

Our smart sensors quietly gather vital environmental data on different indicators such as air and water quality, temperature and fire safety systems.

Digital CRE Ltd is a culture of trained and certified professionals, working together with data for over 25 years to develop digital solutions for public and private sector customers. Our knowledge of data and it’s real-world value give us great insight into the extraordinary capacity it has for built environments.

Digital CRE’s team has an interest and passion for smart buildings and automation and an intimate understanding of technology evolution, with real-world experience and value in delivering projects and implementing

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