Smart Property for Smart People

Digital CRE aims to revolutionise the way building owners and users think about their resource and energy usage. Utilising the latest sensors and algorithms, we can analyse your environment and optimise your infrastructure, allowing you to invest your time and money wisely. Our technologies are capable of improving the performance of all real estate sectors including residential, retail, office and industrial.

Our Methodology

Understand requirements & collect data

We will assess age and maintenance history of the owners asset together with it’s building systems to gain a full understanding of immediate and long term requirements.

Analyse data

Our smart sensors quietly gather vital environmental data on different indicators such as air and water quality, temperature and fire safety systems.

Produce proposal

Based on the foregoing, we will produce a detailed proposal in financial, engineering and managerial terms.

In the public and private sectors, asset managers face decisions on how to best spend their money every single day. Choosing to invest in maintaining or replacing parts of their buildings can be tough, without the right information. We can provide building owners and users with a wealth of data on their asset’s condition and current operational status, streamlining capital-planning decisions. We use advanced analytics to gain insights into all aspects of your infrastructure including lighting, temperature and air allowing you to quickly make decisions on maintenance versus replacement situations. Our live asset management tools allow our engineers to respond to and fix issues within the agreed the SLA’s, seamlessly linking technology to the facility management team, increasing the efficiency of the building. Our goal is to make data and insights available to you to enable better, more efficient decisions. Through our data analysis and trend predictions, we can encourage positive decisions on where capital should be spent in the future.



We’ll send one of our skilled engineers out to install temporary standalone sensors to start gathering the vital information needed to decide whether the building is running as efficiently as possible. Based on these findings we can instantly suggest immediate steps to increase the efficiency of the building.



Once we have confirmation on the parameters you wish to measure, we’ll fit permanent sensors within the property. These are discreetly integrated into existing electrical systems, allowing direct control over everyday elements such as lighting. The systems that are deployed have the ability to automatically make decisions, but can be overridden at any time by users with permission. All data gathered is retained for further analysis and insights are shared to improve the efficiency of the building.



We utilise a central unit to monitor and control the individual sensors in real time, ensuring any anomalies, irregularities or issues are dealt with quickly. The sensors can check for things such as lights being left on accidentally, and turn themselves off to save electricity. The intelligent sensors communicate with each other to gather additional, helpful data.

Example Applications

Environmental Monitoring

Our data-driven monitoring can help ensure that working and living environments are at specified levels. Critical parameters include proper ventilation, correct room temperature and suitable lighting. If any of these criteria are not up to outlined standards, alerts can be set to get these rectified either remotely or, if necessary with human intervention.

Communal Area Monitoring

Our sensors can ensure that headcounts do not exceed health and safety limits, keeping your environment safe. For example, fire safety and its fire engineering systems are critical to the asset management team. The insurance sector is taking a closer interest in such systems and the employment of our technologies will provide added confidence to the underwriters.

They can also track the busiest times of the day, allowing you to plan ahead and pre-empt events that include maintenance requirements or shut downs.  Having access to these insights can be invaluable in managing time and resource.

Meeting Room Usage

Small and discreet wireless sensors can track of how frequently meeting rooms are in use and whether resources are being wasted via lights being on unnecessarily, for example. Monitoring indicators like these can greatly improve understanding into where money is being spent and can help obtain an accurate insight into how and when your space is being used.