Building Intelligence

Gain granular insight into your data for more efficient real estate.

DCRE Twin will operationalise your data from IoT devices, BMS and Occupants. With trusted global partners, commercial real estate firms and healthcare.


New builds or Existing Housing Stock, can be fitted with sensors for insights.


The gathered information to decide the building’s health and efficiency is analysed.


Deliver real-time updates of anomalies, irregularities and issues.

Deliver a Better World

We believe in reducing your operating expenses to save time, money and waste. To increase and improve human wellbeing. To minimise environmental deterioration, improve long term structure sustainability and create an impact for a better future. 


Alerts & Notifications

Business Automation

Business Applications

Your Applications


Energy, Heat & Lights

Lifts & Occupancy 

Alarms & Security

Environment & Air Quality

Telecare & Wellbeing


Sensors can be deployed to monitor and measure throughout your real estate portfolio.


The DCRE Twin processes the telemetery using AI, Big Data and Machine Learning.

Data Storage & Application

Data-driven dashboards and Alerts provide actionable insight for the facilities management.

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