Our Approach

Advanced Analytical Data

The use of advanced analytical data in capital planning is moving increasingly more quickly; however, we’re still finding that the infrastructure sector is lagging in this fast-moving world.

Digital CRE aims to change this and optimise the way businesses and property owners manage their infrastructure and assets, allowing for improved and easier capital planning.

Accessible, Valuable Data

We use our smartphones for almost everything as it puts valuable and important information on traffic, safety and other services directly into our hands, at any time of day. We aim to make the vital information on your assets and infrastructure just as accessible.

The data that we gather gives us invaluable insights into a vast array of factors including asset life cycles and maintenance vs replacement issues. Taking advantage of data-driven methods when making such decisions will allow you to invest your time and money more intelligently.

Better Capital Spending

Data is an incredibly powerful tool that allows us to learn from past events and performance, enabling us to predict trends and developments in the future. By applying this data and advanced algorithms we are able to identify and prioritise actions and where precious capital should be spent.